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Top Tier Medical Staffing Solutions for Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Licensed Practical Nurses

Discover Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Licensed Practical Nurses Staffing Solutions That Guarantee Better Work-Life Balance

Healthcare Staffing in Michigan

Top Tier Medical Staffing places Licensed Practical Nurses in roles with a better work-life balance, zero chances of burnout, an optimal nurse-patient ratio, and more pay than their former employers offered.


We have also worked with Nurse Practitioners to land roles that allow them to enjoy their personal lives, practice self-care, develop new skills, network with relevant industry professionals, and make a difference while earning more.


We make this happen by offering our candidates curated placement opportunities via our jobs board through medical staffing in Saginaw, Michigan.


However, your best bet is to submit your resume to join our in-house talent network to get the first look at exclusive jobs we don’t publish until our network has had a look.

Make an Impact While Earning More With Our Placement Solutions

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing how and when you work without sacrificing your paycheck.

Per Diem

Work one-time shifts at select healthcare facilities ready to pay above-average wages without committing to a contract.

Contract Roles

Take on exciting temporary roles to gain experience and develop new skills. Then, if offered, you can sign an extension or return to us for more opportunities.


Get to know potential employers via contract-to-hire placements before you join their workforce. You can always return to us for more opportunities if they're not a good fit.

Direct Hire

Start making a difference in your new role from day one, and let us handle negotiations and leverage our industry insights to get you the best possible salary and benefits.

Improve your chances of landing a better opportunity by looking at our job board and submitting your resume so our experts can match you to exclusive roles that match your profile.

Reliable Staffing Solutions for Primary Medical Family Clinics, Health Insurance Companies, and Long-Term Care Nursing Facilities

We have helped Directors of Nursing retain more than 60% of their nursing staff, increase staff productivity by more than 20%, and reduce staff churn by 50% over two years.


Likewise, physicians trust us to supply efficient staffing solutions ensuring they can continue to save lives, get more time with their patients, and maintain the highest ethical and medical standards.


So, why not give Top Tier Medical Staffing a try today? There is no risk for you; the pressure is on us to deliver a tailored solution.


Fill out a staff request form to let us know what you want, or speak with one of our recruitment experts to discuss your unique needs.