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Are You Struggling to Retain Nurses, Boost Staff Productivity, and Improve Workplace Morale?

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Recruitment Strategies in Saginaw, Michigan

We’ve worked with Directors of Nursing to ensure high-quality ongoing staff training, reduce churn by over 50%, and improve staff retention by 60% quarter-on-quarter.


Physicians also trust us to ensure they meet ethical requirements, spend quality time with patients, and avoid burnout.


So, whether you are a health insurance company, long-term care facility, or primary medical family clinic, Top Tier has staffing solutions that’ll cater to your unique needs.


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Improve Staff Retention, Prevent Burnout, and Manage Expenses Better

With these staffing solutions, you can better manage your staffing, hiring, and training budgets while delivering the best healthcare.

Per Diem

Get highly-qualified nurses only when you need them to fix temporary challenges without the stress of setting up complex contracts.

Contract Hires

Get help when your nursing staff goes on a sabbatical, fill out a new role, manage a seasonal influx of patients, or test out a new position with a contract role. You can offer to renew contracts when they’re over or return to us for more staffing solutions.


Conserve your staff training budgets with a contract-to-hire role to see which candidates show enough promise to be invited to join your workforce.

Direct Hire

Let us worry about training new candidates, negotiating their pay and benefits, and onboarding them to your healthcare facility. That way, you always get talented candidates ready to hit the ground running.

Whether you’re a small healthcare business, medium-sized brand, or large enterprise, our tailor-made staffing solutions will help you.

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Do not wait any longer to prioritize your health and happiness as a nurse.