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Registered Nurses in Saginaw, Michigan

Besides working on their own terms and earning more than before, our Registered Nurses report feeling more valued and respected at their new workplaces. This allows them to enjoy their time at work while delivering better care.


The Nurse Practitioners we’ve worked with also find it easier to advocate for interdisciplinary care in a new position that doesn’t restrict their practice.


This could be you, too!


Submit your resume today so our recruitment experts can search for the right role alongside you. You’ll also get the first look at exclusive roles that don’t make it to our jobs board.

Choose Your Hours and Enjoy a Better Work-Life Balance

Stay in the driver’s seat of your career by choosing how much you want to work and earn without sacrificing your personal life.

Per Diem

Take on single shifts with reputable healthcare facilities paying outstanding rates for your work.

Contract Roles

Hone your skills in a contract placement with defined hours and great exposure to learning opportunities.


Check if you feel at home with an employer before joining them full-time. Otherwise, we’ll have other placement solutions waiting for you.

Direct Hire

Do your best work yet, and trust us to handle all negotiations around pay, benefits, and other perks. That way, you’re insulated from the politics and any initial friction with your new employers.

Take control of your career by going through our jobs board. Likewise, you can let us match you to exclusive roles you’re a fit for by submitting your resume to our recruiting experts.

Do not wait any longer to prioritize your health and happiness as a nurse.