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About Us

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The Staffing Agency for Healthcare Candidates and Employers Who Want to Make a Difference

Medical Staffing in Saginaw, Michigan

Top Tier Medical Staffing isn’t simply in the business of matching capable candidates with reputable healthcare facilities.


Instead, we work with Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Licensed Practical Nurses who want to make a difference in how they work, learn, earn, and deliver their skills to maximize healthcare outcomes.


We also work with skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities, and primary medical family clinics to improve staff retention, training, and productivity.


If these sound like you, you’re welcome to make a difference with us by looking at our solutions for candidates or employers like yourself.

Our Mission

To make a difference in medical staffing in Saginaw, Michigan and placement by matching quality nurses to reputable healthcare firms where they can earn more, work flexible hours, and deliver top-tier healthcare.

Our Vision

To forge new paths towards better healthcare by ensuring capable nurses don’t waste away where they’re unappreciated but can instead meaningfully contribute to improved patient outcomes in roles where they can make a difference.

Our Values

These values inform everything we do at Top Tier Medical Staffing.


We continue to find new ways to solve problems for candidates and employers, ensuring improved satisfaction and optimal outcomes.


We pivot quickly in an ever-changing healthcare landscape, identifying core issues before they become a problem.


Our diverse team allows us to welcome and assist people of all backgrounds while creating a healthy environment in which a variety of perspectives can be appreciated.


We don’t discriminate at Top Tier. Whether you’re a newbie or veteran nurse, or a mid-sized, small scale or large business, we will approach finding you tailored solutions with the same zeal we’ve always been known for.

What are you waiting for? Make a difference today by leveraging all the solutions we offer our candidates and employers.